There’s something you need to know – there’s more to life than living. A road trip across the wilds of the Northern Territory, Australia, is a spirited ride through late-twentieth century Australian counter culture. Then an event occurs which gives an insight into the other side of life itself, and provides a message. A message which resolves the ultimate unknown – why are we here?

Matt Frend has lived in the cities of Adelaide and Darwin, and assorted country towns in Australia. In addition to extended periods conducting social research while unemployed, he has worked in a variety of areas including racing stables, factories, construction sites and farms, before most recently attending university and becoming a computer programmer.
He regards himself not as a horse lover, but a horse lifer. He has a particular affinity for thoroughbreds, and has been involved with dressage and eventing at the grass roots level.

Other interests have included surfing, cycling, and he is an avid music fan.