“Secrets & Lies 2”

~ A Family Affair ~


 Family may not always be what you want them to be.

Sometimes what you get may be more than you expect.

 Bren & Ulanda are back, and this time in the company of close family, old friends, and revelations of even more deep secrets & lies; some from the present & some buried in the past.

Bren Searcy-Jordan thought a lot about her family. With her husband and their son in California, her dreams of having a traditional family of her own was officially complete and she couldn’t have been happier.  Well mostly.  Having a little time on her hands, she decided to put together a sort of journal that would chronicle her family history as well as that of her husband’s for the sake of their children, his and hers.  To help with her research, on a much needed week-long trip back home to Texas, she finds herself on a joyful trip down memory lane.  When her twin cousin comes to visit, he brings with him the good and the bad of a life and time she had clearly put behind her and the emotions of a recent heartache of his own.

Ulanda Jefferson was not happy by any means.  Though she tried to stay her usual upbeat Diva self, her life was spiralling into something too far out of the norm.  Boring. Without her bestfriend Camilla Vargas to turn to, other than by phone, she was spending way too much time in the company of her exotic dancer boyfriend, Trey Connors. He had been good at filling the void, but even he, like so many before him, was subject to be dismissed if he ever broke one of her rules.  And then there was Bren,  married to a man she truly despised but made nice with for the sake of peace, was too far away to make any difference. Finding that Bren was coming home, alone, was the only thing to spark a little light into her world.  Her time being interrupted by a distant relative was another thing altogether.

In the end, had either of them known what was coming, they might have rather stayed at home…