I am happy to announce that the second book in my planned “Secrets & Lies” series is nearly complete.  For now I am releasing this short synopsis and more information will be coming soon.  ~ Tracy J.

“Secrets & Lies 2”

~ A Family Affair ~

 Bren & Ulanda are back, and this time in the company of close family, old friends, and revelations of even more deep secrets & lies; some from the present & some buried in the past.

Bren Searcy-Jordan thought a lot about her family. With her husband, “Kenny,” and their son in California, her dreams of having a traditional family of her own was officially complete and she couldn’t have been happier.  Having a little time on her hands, Bren decided to put together a sort of journal that would chronicle her family history as well as that of her husband’s for the sake of their children, his and hers.  To help with her research, on a much needed, week-long trip back home to Texas, she enlists the help of two relatives; her mother-in-law – Allyson Goodwin-Jordan, and a close, but now distant cousin, Adrian Bailey, whom she had once shared her entire young life with.  He was more than just a cousin.  He was more than just her long time bestfriend.

Ulanda Jefferson was not happy.  Though she tried to stay her usual upbeat self, her life was spiralling into something too far out of the norm.  Her bestfriend Camilla Vargas was still away in Austin, working towards her dream career.  Trey Connors, the first man she had ever allowed a somewhat relationship with had been good at filling the void, but even he, like so many before him, was subject to be dismissed if he ever broke another one of her rules.  He had been warned.  And then there was Bren,  married to a man Ulanda clearly despised but made nice with for the sake of peace, and the baby, which she did actually care for, but still held a little bit of jealousy for his having the mother that she was never allowed. Overall, what she denied admitting most was how lonely she was.  Finding that Bren was coming home was the only thing to spark a little light into her world.  Time alone with her was just what she thought was needed.

The outcome of this little family reunion was far from what it should have been, and for Bren, what all she would experience and come to face was a little more than she expected.  What she would take back home with her, was a lot more than she ever dreamed…