I am happy to announce that just I received the “Kreativ Blogger Award” from fellow author/blogger Sharon C. Williams https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Sharon-C-Williams/195232693863109 @ http://newenglandmuse.wordpress.com   Thank you so much, Sharon!  I am honored that you included me in this award.  You are too kind.  Big virtual hugs!

Okay.  So part of being able to hang this lovely award on my site is I must do these things listed below and so does my nominees:

The Rules;

• Thank the person who gave you this award and provide a link their page(s).

• List 7 things about yourself. (Be it fun, fascinating, quirky, or whatever).

• Link to 7 bloggers who you think deserves the award.

• And according to Sharon, smile on the inside.  It does a body good.


 7 facts about myself; – (I’ve already written about my serious side.  This one is for fun.)

  • I eat cereal right out of the box because I am single and I can.
  • I am single because I want to be.
  • I drink coffee twice a day because if I don’t, someone’s gonna be a bitch. Me.
  • I would be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for tacos, chicken-fried steak, & burgers.
  • I have an outstanding love for music of all kinds.
  • I write because it comforts me and all the characters dancing in my head.
  • I read for the very same reason that I write. Psychotherapy.  :o)

 Now my 7 amazing blogger nominees!

  1. James Peercy @ http://storiestotelldotcom.blogspot.com/  – Logine: “Stories to tell is about you the reader, the listener, the writer, the producer and the creator.  Whatever art form you enjoy, there are always Stories To Tell…”
  2. Kevin Swarbrick @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Mark-Swarbrick/348518145172178 – “Louie Has Landed’ and boy does he have a story to tell.
  3. Rafael Cameron @ http://modelmodeusa.com/ – Photography at its best!
  4. Marla Blowers @ http://marlablowersbooks.com/ – Author/reviewer extraordinaire!
  5. Ashley Barron @ http://blog.thepriyas.com/ – An exciting new serial author.
  6. Justin Bogdanovitch @  http://justinbog.com/ – A Writer’s Life.
  7. Siggy Buckley @ http://www.writersgettogether.blogspot.com/ – A good way for authors to connect.

In closing, I have to say this is fun and I am happy to share this award with all those I can. With this being my second blogger award, it makes me feel great to be associated with so many talented people.  Thank you again, Sharon.  You made my day.