“Secrets & Lies 2”

~ A Family Affair ~

Tracy James Jones

 Bren & Ulanda are back, and this time in the company of close family, old friends, and  revelations of even more deep secrets & lies; some from the present & some long since buried in the past.


“My Crazy Life” by Bren Searcy-Jordan ~

“Fifteen plus years ago my life was different.  A lot different.  I was in my mid-twenties, still living with my parents, or rather living again with my parents, and my life seemed to be going nowhere.  My parents were getting older and I would like to say I was an only child, but that wasn’t exactly true because I had a daughter. In the past when I was about four, I had an older brother who graduated, left home, and never returned. I think he died, but I’m not sure.  In the recent past, fifteen years my junior, Ulanda was a preteen girl-child with the attitude of a grown-up and a vocabulary to match.  Being a girl myself, well almost so, the estrogen in the household over-ruled the testosterone by three to one, and maybe a half.  The story of my little family is a long one to tell.  What mattered was that we were a family.  A somewhat modern, middle-class, Black American family with a twist.  The twist, for the lack of a better description, was basically me…