“Peyton’s Playmate”

(Semi-Erotic Romance)

~Warning: Adult Language & Content ~


Peyton’s Playmate” is the story of a mysterious young woman, a devilishly wild and handsome boy next door, and the provocative games they play in order to win each other’s affections.


*  *  *


When it came to being blissfully reclusive in a fast paced modern world, Peyton Henderson was without question that very kind of young woman. She tended to her work, she did her shopping and then she was home. No real social life, not yet anyway, and no close friends, just the way she liked it. She had only been in town for a few months. Dallas had simply grown too much for her taste. She had a history there she did not intend to repeat. It wasn’t time to let people into her personal space and her solitude was as important as her life. She didn’t have need of anyone. Then there was him…

On the second level of their building, he lived in the apartment directly across from her. Most times he stood out in the center courtyard below her patio floor. More specifically, he was there nearly every night. He was tall and thin, with long curly dark hair, and a handsome face. On closer inspection, she discovered his eyes were pale green and there was a fledgling goatee nesting over his strong young chin. From the looks of him, she thought he was a bad seed, always wearing jeans and dark colored tees. She quickly grew accustomed to his quiet amorous stares from the distant courtyard. Sometimes he was with a girl. Likely a different one every time. Sometimes there was another boy. After a while, she figured she knew his game just as sure as she knew his name. She was intrigued. Sometimes she would stand right in the front of her glass door so he could see her too.