Beautiful Blogger Award Nominee!

Thanks to I am happy to report that I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award!  This is what she said:  I love discovering other authors and their books and Tracy shares her reviews of them among other thoughts :0) Check out Tracy’s books as well!  Thank you so much!

Okay.  So part of being able to hang this lovely award on my site is I must do these things and so do my nominees:

• I must write seven facts about myself

• Link to the blog of the person who nominated you

• Link to seven bloggers who you think deserves the award (too many to choose from!)

• Let those bloggers know they have been nominated!

So now 7 facts about myself;

1. I was born in Waxahachie, Texas and raised in Dallas. Both cities are my hometowns.

2. I am a proud indie author with more stories swimming in my head than I can count.

3. Before writing, my first love was singing.  School, church, and in my car.

4. I used to be a sketch artist, but I gave that up when I stated writing.

5. I also used to be an actor, well stand-in/extra on every movie that was casting locally.

6. I am an emotionally charged person, so I care too much about everything.

7. I pride myself on being the best person and friend that I can be.

Now onto my 7 wonderful blogging nominees!

1. – Dan Mader is the kind of guy who tells it like it is.  I always learn something new from him and I totally enjoy his posts.

2. – Teresa Roberts – author of “Finding The Gypsy in Me” – Offers information on how to be an international Housesitter.  And she is cool too.

3. – Charity Parkerson is one of the best indie authors in paranormal romance & erotic fiction.  She is also an amazing person to know.

4. Melissa Ringsted is a fantastic reviewer and editor, whom I know prides herself on doing the best job she can do.

5. – Kitty Honeycutt-Bullard is the best in making sure to help aspiring authors with any and everything they need from reviews, edits, designs and even publishing.  She is also a super terrific friend.

6. – is a wonderful site that helps to promote kindle romance novels and authors.

7.  – M.J. Webb is the author of Jake West series – ‘The Keeper of the Stones’ and ‘Jake West – Warriors of the Heynai.” His YA adventure books are the best of the best.

In closing, I thank you again, adduling, for thinking of me and my site.  You are a gem.  Big hugs to you and all the nominees!

Bonus Blog:  Shhhh. – Indie Author Lynn Hallbrooks is one of those people who will go the extra miles to help anyone with anything and totally deserves to be mentioned for all of her wonderful deeds.  :o)