“Who Am I?” 

For one, this was a question I remember asking myself at the difficult age of 15.  Considering at the time that I was in the heart of teenage angst in all areas of my life, I ended up writing this long, single page description of who I thought I was and what I hoped God might have in mind for me and my life.  I’m encouraged to say how thankful I am for paying attention to almost everything I did because in the process I learned a whole lot about me.  All these years later, thanks to a platform building program posted by Robert Lee Brewer @ http://robertleebrewer.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-build-or-improve-your-writer.html, the same question returns in order to define the person I now see myself to be.  From a working viewpoint, so far, I think I am doing okay and I am open-minded enough to know that there is still room for more to be done and yet to be learned.


Name: Tracy James Jones

Position(s):  Blogger, Book Reviewer, & Indie Author

Skill(s): Creative writing (fiction & non-fiction), blogging, and reviewing some of the best new books by traditional and indie authors

Social media platforms:

 Facebook, Librarything, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Google+, & Twitter



  •  Letter of Appreciation – Waxahachie Chamber Of Commerce

(Featured Performer with The Miss Waxahachie Pageant – (4 years)

  • 1st Local Book Signing Event – “No tears For A Hero”  – 1995
  • 1st National Book Signing Tour – “Searching For Eden” – 2003
  • Local Author Achievement Acknowledgment Event -2003
  • Guest Speaker – Italy, Texas High School Creative Writing Class – 2004
  • “Secrets & Lies” – Novel -2011
  • “Torn: Sixty Days of Calaboose” – Novel 2012
  • “Paper Images” – Short Story 2012
  • “Peyton’s Playmate” – Short Story 2012

Interests: Writing (all elements of the human condition), reading (multiple genres), socializing

In one sentence, who am I? Tracy James Jones is a blogger, reader, reviewer, writer, former actor and artist, with an unbiased love and adoration for film, music, books, and friendly people.

Special “Thanks” for the advice to Robert Lee Brewer @ http://robertleebrewer.blogspot.com