Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens – Book 2

Edenmary Black /

Ilea Galaurus may be running the Demesne, but all hell breaks loose when Micah Odera, a vampiric warrior of the Sanctum, spots Sebastien Galaurus in Saint Rushton. The Demesne’s dictator is determined to have his freedom with a select group of loyal warriors so they can enjoy hunting the humans of Saint Rushton. When one of his weres discovers Arabella D’Court sitting alone in a park, her scent tells him she is more than beautiful. She’s something special enough for Sebastien’s first meal in freedom. What the were doesn’t know is that Arabella isn’t like most humans. She’s a member of the Sanctum’s Basium Cruenta, an elite group of protected humans living at the haven to provide blood to Sanctum vampires.
She’s also the only woman Odera can’t shake loose from his heart. Arabella loves Odera deeply, even though he just can’t bring himself to watch her age or die. When he gives her the truth and tells her to find another, forces are set in motion that neither can control. After the brutal discussion, Arabella seeks the peace of a local park, but ends up trapped in Sebastien’s new lair. Her unlikely ally? A daemon healer named Lily, who has lived her entire life at the Demesne.

As Sebastien’s thirsts for violence and Arabella grow, Sanctum warriors head for Saint Rushton with kidnap or kill orders on the dictator’s life. They’ll have a little help from the hereafter, but it won’t be enough to stop the furies unleashed when they meet Sebastien’s warriors.

*Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens Book 2 contains descriptive material and scenes of sexual encounters between consenting male and female adult characters. It is intended for adult readers only.*

My Review:

“A Captivating Return”

It is always a pleasure to pick up the next book in a series and feel like you are again connecting with old friends.  The author, Edenmary Black, never lets me down in that capacity.  I truly love how all the characters, human or not, struggle with their emotions in concern to one another, all the while trying to stay true to their natural being.  The emotions are so strong that you can’t help but to be drawn into the life of every character, the good and the bad.

Book 1- “Sanctum Angels” is a super fantastic lead in to getting to know about the many main characters of the series and how they live their daily lives within two separate supernatural havens. The Sanctum is all about goodness and light, and The Demesne is almost completely the opposite, depending on who is running the show.   By the end of this book, you can’t help but to want more.  With “Sanctum Warriors,” Book 2 in the series, the story picks up right where it left off, and there is no question that the two sides are destined to collide.  In the midst of all the madness to come, the strongest element is still the love and respect most of these characters hold for one another.  I will give fair warning that the consensual sex is very descriptive, but overall, it just is what it is and is still a viable part of the story.

With additional amazing characters and continuously moving storylines, the excitement seems to never end.  As a whole, “Sanctum Warriors” is absolutely captivating and I recommend this amazing novel to anyone who enjoys all the elements of begin human as well as the supernatural experience.