“Immortal” by Gene Doucette



Immortal is a contemporary fantasy for non-fantasy readers and fantasy enthusiasts alike.  At the center of the book is Adam.  Adam is a sixty thousand year old man. (Approximately.) He doesn’t age or get sick, but is otherwise entirely capable of being killed. His survival has hinged on an innate ability to adapt, his wits, and a fairly large dollop of luck. He makes for an excellent guide through history . . . when he’s sober. In an artful blending of sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, and humor, IMMORTAL introduces us to a world with vampires, demons and other “magical” creatures, yet a world without actual magic.

My Review:

This book, “Immortal” was one of the best fantasy/non-fantasy novels I have read to date.  From the very beginning I was pulled into the story and could not let it go.

“Adam,” one of the Immortals many aliases, was a super amazing character that had me on the edge of my seat as I followed along through the stories of his amazing life.  In the midst of his past experiences was a fantastic present-day tale of survival and rescue that seemed too real to not believe.  Adding the constant presence of several fantasy characters, including Pixies, Vampires, Demons, & Iffrits (?), was as exciting as Adam’s personal history of the world review.  Over all, this is a definite good read and I recommend it to all readers.  The best news is that there is another book on the “Immortal” coming soon.