As a writer I am always testing myself on different writing styles and genres but I am mostly into writing about the human condition.  People are just too fascinating to overlook, especially when it comes to some of the things they will say and do.  With that thought in mind, I found myself scribbling a few notes in regards to a passage that popped in my head and wouldn’t let me go.  Not sure how long of a story it will be, but this is part of what came up.  :o)

“The Proposition”

  “Unhand me, you Jackass!”  Sometimes the mind says right out loud what we may be thinking at a specific moment.  Had the words actually escaped my lips I can already imagine the astonished looks that would have landed upon me as if I had just openly cursed in church.  Which I certainly would not.  Instead of speaking, the glare that he received should have been sufficient enough to get the message across, but that didn’t work on him either.  Not Abel Salinas.  He simply smiled and kept holding his hand around my waist as he continued to guide me in any direction away from prying eyes.   In the space between the Men’s & Ladies Rooms, he pressed his luck by lightly swiping his free hand across my chest and smiling even wider before settling with his back against the wall.  I couldn’t help to notice the deep dimples in his cheeks were just as prominent as they had always been.  I’d like to say I hated him as much as those skinny bra & panties models on TV, but I wasn’t accustomed to lying, not even to myself…