For starters, allow me to say that I am really beginning to love Bloggers.  They are so insightful and often give fantastic advice or even just express a thought or feeling that I have had and was too distracted to take the time to say.  They also offer a good laugh here and there, which makes blogging all the more interesting for me to follow and I thought maybe I could give it a try as well.  Can’t say how good I will be at it, but I’m willing to give it a spin.

Personally, I am a writer.  An indie writer at that.  So, most of my time is spent marketing and promoting anywhere and everywhere I can, with little to no time to actually write anything.  (Thank goodness I have two books out already and another one on the way).  Should a new idea for a book strike me, then I will be lost in the land of #amwriting once again.  But for now I have this.  :o)  With a little down-time on my hands, learning to blog seems the next best logical step.

Anyway, I’ve had my blog-page since joining my fellow authors online back in August of 2011, but I am just now getting into the hang of what it’s really about.  For the most part all I have done is post information about my books and such.  Hey, my books are what got me here.  Recently, I added a review for a new author that I like and a quick “thought” that came to mind in concern to what my writing is all about.  (I was having a moment and it wouldn’t leave me alone).  My book stuff aside, I still think I have something useful to say, or I will at some point.  At least for those who are my friends and like to know what I am thinking, hence my reasons for attempting to do this for real.

Since this is my maiden voyage into the world of blogs, please do not have any expectations of great advice or in-depth epiphanies from the recesses of a highly philosophical mind.  That is not me.  Plus, I am a virgin here.  In the future I will hope to share a lot of fun information, including links to some fantastic bloggers and friends who totally inspire me.  For now, this is all I have to say.  I hope I did okay.  Till next time… Peace!