Secrets & Lies by Tracy James Jones

Secrets & Lies by Tracy James Jones is a contemporary love story that is unique because of the candid revelations revealed as the story unfolds and the skillful way the author provides unvarnished truths about the issues her characters deal with. Jones’ voice as an author is bright and clear, yet her touch with her characters is gentle. She guides readers through the pivotal events, deftly allowing them to reach conclusions and speculate, just before the path turns and new information is brought forth. Her writing is almost cinematic, allowing visitors to experience the world she has built, instead of simply reading about it.

Jones’ characters are a particularly strong point, because they’re so human. They deal with baggage, make decisions and take action, while coping with fears, regrets and joy. They struggle to do what they think is best, much as we all do. One can imagine sitting down to a glass of wine with them and they’re hard to dislike, even when you think they’re making a mistake. The plot, however, is tight and intricately woven. Readers can expect to have many, “OMG!” moments, before reaching the novel’s conclusion, where conjecture is left behind. The only question remaining is whether we will see more of Kenny, Camilla, Ulanda and Bren in the future.

Although my reading choices are usually in the paranormal and romance genres, I highly recommend Secrets & Lies. It’s that good.

Edenmary Black