The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park

A Short Story Collection – (15,000 Words) Volume 1

E-book –

    In the 21st century the undeniable enigma of being human has nothing left to be really taken by surprise.  In a time of ongoing terroristic threats, economical shortages, holy wars and out of touch politics, and not to forget, mental disorders, internet predators, teen sex, drugs and Reality TV, the words shock value no longer have a hold over anyone past the age of three.  We have all been conditioned, if not prepared, for just about anything that life has to put us through. But then again there may be something, and that something could simply be what we as humans attempt to keep to ourselves, which is better known by what we call secrets…  These truths, these mysteries of human life can be a wonder to behold.  For the tenants of Magnolia Park, the facts of their seemingly content and reticent lives are about to unfold.

There are thousands of interesting stories that could be written about people in any quaint little place and town. Here are a just a few…

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  The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park is a collection of short stories that delves into the private lives of ordinary people.  The characters throughout this collection all come from various types of life, races, ages, and sexual orientations.  It is the secrets they keep and the emotional tribulations therein that makes the characters and their all-too-human conditions all the more enlightening.