The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park

– A Short Collection of Stories –

2012 – (15,000 Words)

Volume 1

Tracy James Jones


In the 21st century the undeniable enigma of being human has nothing left to be really taken by surprise.  In a time of ongoing terroristic threats, economical shortages, holy wars and out of touch politics, and not to forget, mental disorders, internet predators, teen sex, drugs and Reality TV, the words shock value no longer have a hold over anyone past the age of three.  We have all been conditioned, if not prepared, for just about anything that life has to put us through. But then again there may be something, and that something could simply be what we as humans attempt to keep to ourselves, which is better known by what we call secrets…

There are thousands of interesting stories that could be written about people in general as well as in any quaint little town, and here are a few enlightening tales from the Inhabitants of Magnolia Park.  For some, the details of how their basic human conditionings could unexpectedly collide with their deepest darkest secrets and hidden desires, could be more than just a little unsettling for the strongest of analytical mind.  The outcome from these personal and sometimes controversial situations could lead to just about anything…

 *  *  *

The Stories:

“Peyton’s Playmate”

  “Peyton’s Playmate” is the story of a mysterious young woman’s adoration and mutual attraction with the devilishly wild and handsome boy next door.   Though they come from different worlds, from the moment they met, their lives seemed destined to combine from the fervent desires that ignite within every time they cross each other’s path.   In the end, fate and the cold hard truth of their past and present human conditions hold the key to the final outcome for the life & future they both dare to live…

 *  *  *

“Paper Images”

  “Paper Images” is the story about a young man with a few major issues.  In the midst of pursuing his studies in psychology and his childhood dreams of becoming an accomplished sketch artist, his most challenging situations stem from the sad and disheartened people who unintentionally encumber his present day life.  It is for them that he patiently works as a volunteer clinic assistant at the local crisis center, but it is the truth of his own disturbing tale of survival and for the sanity of his long time best friend that continues to torment his every waking moment…

 *  *  *

About Me:

According to a close relative, I was raised in a perpetual glass box, over protected from the woes of the real world around me.  To a degree I accept this description because my early years were spent with my maternal grandmother who indeed sheltered and taught me only the good things about life.  Through her, I learned to treat people the way I wanted to be treated, and to respect all others despite any differences.  I lost my grandmother at the age of nine, but the things she taught me would last throughout my life.  Once she was gone, the blinders were lifted.  I was to never be a stranger to the hardships of life again.  The hardest of all has been love, death, & prejudice.  The joys have been a loving family and life-long friends. Most special are my parents, who have been my champions throughout everything I have envisioned to achieve in my life.  I am so blessed in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

About My Writing:

Growing up shy, as far back as I can remember I have always been observant of people around me.  I’ve always had a fascination regarding how they reacted in all sorts of situations.  I love human emotions.  It’s like if someone smiled, I always felt compelled to smile back, or if someone were sad, I felt sad with them.  This compassion I have for others is often reflected in my work because it breathes life into my characters.  I like that. It’s an important factor to my creativity.  I’m inspired by the totality of life, people in general, and everything that makes up human individuality. It also speaks to the kind of person I believe I am.


  • Letter of Appreciation – Waxahachie Chamber Of Commerce

(Featured Performer with The Miss Waxahachie Pageant – (4 years)

  • 1st Local Book Signing Event – “No tears For A Hero”  – 1995
  • 1st National Book Signing Tour – “Searching For Eden” – 2003
  • Local Author Achievement Acknowledgement Event -2003
  • Guest Speaker – Italy High School Creative Writing Class – 2004 
  •  “Secrets & Lies” – Novel -2011
  • “The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park” (E-book) – 2012
  • “Torn:  Sixty Days of Calaboose” – Novel – 2012



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