Secrets & Lies by Tracy James Jones is an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end.  From the beginning of their relationship and long before she has actual knowledge of the facts, Camilla Vargas senses that the object of her desire, Kennedy Jordan, is guarding a deep secret.  However, she wants to hold on to the relationship in a desperate effort to find out if he is “the one.”

Camilla’s best friend, the fiery Ulanda Jefferson is there for Camilla through thick and thin but her negative reaction to Camilla’s liaison with Kennedy seems over the top, even for her.  Of course, Ulanda harbors deep secrets of her own—secrets so explosive that she can’t even share them with her best friend.  They are secrets that prove to not only distort her attitudes toward love, but nearly derail the relationships that she enjoys with those closes to her.

Secrets & Lies is absorbing as it explores relationships and the entwined psychological profiles of its characters.   The reward is an interesting read that leaves you barely able to wait until the end.

Review by Evans & Rhodes