Zack Hamby was a sorry S.O.B. when I met him.  I had an occasion to tell him that once.  And he was mean.  In his favor was the fact that he was super handsome.  Being tall and muscular was in his favor too because I liked my men that way.  His hair was a short reddish brown and it suited his look. Such a strong, chiseled face with just a hint of red on his chin. His smile alone would nearly cause my heart to melt whenever he found the time or inclination to show it.  I was always a sucker for a good handsome smile.  His greatest attribute of all was that he was excellent in bed.  Most men tend to believe they were good by ego or lies, but it wasn’t always true.  Zack, by my definition, was the kind of man who made love to you with every ounce of passion and emotion that he could never allow himself to show otherwise.  His sex was his ultimate strength and his desire for it was almost insatiable.  Giving credit where credit is due, I believe that is how he initially won me.  Like I said, he was a sorry s.o.b. and he was mean.  But at the time I had been without a lover for a very long time.  At the time I thought I was losing my mind.  I suppose, at that particular time as well, I had forgotten that my mind was already gone….

~ Adrian Bailey ~

“Torn: Sixty days of Calaboose”

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