“Searching For Eden – The Story of Stacy Christian” -2003

In the middle of the night, seventeen-year-old Stacy Christian ran away from home or he would have been dead by the light of day.  He had no idea that his nightmares were only just about to begin…

By the time he was twenty-one, Stacy had been transformed from a street-wise kid into a well-groomed young man, thanks to his chance meeting with a beautiful and rich socialite, Bethany Foster-Thompson, and her handsome young husband, Devin.  Financially, Stacy was living the life he had always dreamed, but he was far from escaping the nightmares of his past.

In the wake of his darkest hour, Stacy is faced with a brutal attack on the Thompson’s, leaving one with a bloody lump, and the other near dead.  For the sake of his own life, he flees the scene and finds refuge in the arms of five Texas strangers.

In the end, it is for the lives of his friends that Stacy comes face to face with his enemy, past and present, and a final battle ensues that could cost him everything, including his life.  From California to Las Vegas, Nevada to the south Texas Coast; for the past he hopes to escape, and the future he seeks to find, this is where his journey begins, “Searching For Eden.”