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Secrets & Lies”

 Waxahachie, Texas…

The centerpiece of the Ellis County seat, was once a small Texas town with an early American history as rich and inviting as the people who originally started out there. Just a short trip away from the forever-evolving city called “Big D.” it didn’t take long for the changes in the modern world to find its niche in the little hamlet now bursting with a plethora of national cultures. Though infamous for its historical preservations and “down-home” charm, for the multiple generations that continued to flourish within its city limits, Waxahachie, was simply home.

For the people of the city, daily life went on as usual as for any other thriving suburb. Families were raised, businesses boomed, and the highlights of their human existence all depended on the conditions for which they lived. Some live by truth, some lived by lies, some by a combination of both, which included the secrets they were desperate to hide.

Secrets, as they are, rarely devastate the national population as a whole. They are more often limited to the individual going about their daily lives. Even so, they still maintain the power to shock, stun, amuse, or even destroy on a much larger level just by being revealed. These truths, these little mysteries of life can be a wonder to behold.

There are thousands of secrets hidden behind the whitewashed fences and clapboard sidings for the residents of this quaint little town. For a selective few, the details of their seemingly reticent lives are about to unfold…

* * *

And so, it begins… In the middle of the night, on the northwest side of the city whose name means “Buffalo Creek,” inside an apartment complex called “Magnolia Park.” A new young couple opens the door to their world carefully disguised by “Secrets & Lies…”


At 25, Camilla Vargas was a young woman with big dreams for her life and future. Standing just under 5’8 and an even 120 pounds, she was truly the beautiful young Latina she had always been told she would grow up to be. With long dark hair, light almond colored eyes, with a sensuous mouth, full breasts, and an hourglass figure that would rival most others, Camilla thought she was born to do big things. Problem was, she wasn’t born into a financial dynasty that best suited her needs. True to her birthright in the America style of higher living, she set her sights early on achieving the status that her heart truly desired, and by any means possible.

Coming into awareness of sexual appeal early, by the time she was eighteen, Camilla had experienced all sorts of failures along the way. Falling in love, she learned, was a no-no, and not getting pregnant was an absolute must. She was not cut out for motherhood. It took only once for those two mistakes to happen at the same time for her to know to be more careful in the future. The outcome was a miscarriage brought on by the stress and devastation of rejection from the man she thought she loved. Men’s lies are what caused her to change her method of action. A Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of North Texas was just the ticket she needed that would teach her how to stay just one step ahead of them.

By day, Camilla was a by-the-book professional with the local social service, but in her free time, she was a regular volunteer speaker and counselor for any organization that her skills would undoubtedly apply. Recovering alcoholics and other addicts were on the top of her chosen list. After all, even they had a few male members with overflowing bank accounts who were in dire need of a woman who could truly understand…


Kennedy Jordan was born with all the right stuff. That was something he had known for all of his 28 years of life. His father was a successful bank executive who also served on the county chamber board and his mother was an ever-present doting fixture throughout his upbringing. At 6’3, muscular, with short dark hair, crystal blue eyes, and a winning smile, “Kenny” as he was mostly known, had been a rising star since the time he hit puberty. In junior high and high school, he was a sports phenomenon, playing basketball, football, and baseball. For his height, his father was pushing hard for him to pursue a professional career in basketball, but Kenny’s heart was set on pitching his way into the major leagues. During his senior year, the dreams he and his father both had were lost due to irreparable damage to the rotator cuff in his throwing arm. The drinking he would become somewhat addicted had already begun one year before. By the end of his senior year, Kenny had made the Homecoming King as well as being voted the most handsome of his class. The night of his high school induction, Kenny got so drunk at the after party that he ended up in the hospital suffering from alcohol poisoning and nearly died. Two years later, at a frat house party, Kenny was back in the hospital with an alcohol level so high the doctor told his parents that he thought the boy was trying to drink himself to death. The day after he was released from the hospital, Kenny’s desperate parents sent him to a high dollar rehab center out of state. That was where he stayed until he made up his mind that he wanted to live. Truth be told, alcoholism wasn’t the root of his problems. The true secrets he forever kept had a much more devastating outcome. One that he wasn’t yet ready to face.

Once he was home, Kenny joined the local Alcoholics Anonymous group and took an assistant position under his father at the local bank. To help with his ongoing recovery, he also enlisted the help of a therapist, with the hopes of finding a more beneficial way to deal with his life. The therapist, he knew, could never divulge any information he might sometimes allow himself to tell, and for the first time in a long time, Kenny saw himself getting better with each session.

It was during these scheduled therapeutic events that Kenny ran into someone who was going to change the course of his life in ways that he had never dreamed possible. Despite his newfound happiness and the fact that he had been clean and sober for nearly five years, Kenny continued his therapy as well as being a familiar presence and speaker with the local A.A. His chance meeting with the beautiful Camilla Vargas was simply just that. A happy chance meeting that he could not fairly resist to take.  At least that was how it seemed…

Chapter One

 Kenny Jordan rolled off of Camilla Vargas and fell flat on his back beside her with a sigh. The previous excitement within his mind and manhood slowly faded into nothing and he didn’t really care. At least that was what he thought. For a moment, the room was silent except for the slow calming breaths that quietly overcame the both of them. Neither one was fully satisfied but for Kenny it was definitely over. Sitting up on the side of the bed, he pulled the condom from his now flaccid sex and crushed it to his palm. To himself, he wondered how he was going to survive this mess.

“I’m sorry, Cami,” he finally said plainly, tossing the condom in the trash.

“Sorry for what,” she asked sincerely, rubbing his back and then sitting up to lay her head on his shoulder from behind. “You have no reason to be sorry.”

“Do you want to try again?”

“That’s up to you, Kenny,” she said with hesitation. “But I don’t see any need if this is not what you want or are ready to do.”

“You know I want you, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” she said with a tiny smile creeping across her face and then faded. “I just want you to be certain that this is what you want before we take this to the next step.”

“How can you be so understanding,” he asked, grabbing her hand and pulling her around to face him. “Don’t you think I’m being just a little bit selfish?”

“Kenny, I really enjoy being with you. I may not understand all the things that make you who you are, but I like you a lot.” She took a quick breath and cupped his face in her hands, face to face.

“But this isn’t fair to you,” he said pulling away from her and getting to his feet. Ignoring the fact that he was completely naked, he started to pace. Apprehension was slipping over him and the confusion of his emotions was only adding to his distress. “I seriously think you should take this as a sign that you should move on.”

“I’m not going to do that,” she said almost forcefully. “Until you are absolutely sure about this, I’m staying right here.”

“Aw damn, Cami,” he said sadly, dropping to his knees beside the bed and reaching for her hand. “You know I like being with you too, but sometimes that is not enough.”

“Sometimes it is.”

“But if this isn’t right…”

“It’s right enough for me.” Camilla smiled down on him in the near darkness of the room and pressed her lips to the top of his head. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Do you think talking about it will help? Do you really think it will change anything?”

“Talking about it is what brought me to you.” She carefully caressed his face until she found his lips, kissed him gently, then slowly raised herself to the side of the bed and guided him between her legs. “I’m not concerned about changing anything about you.”

“Then how do you want me so,” he asked still confused, wrapping his arms around her waist. “You know all my secrets.”

“But that’s only a part of it, Kenny. I like you because I have never met a man so open and honest about himself as you have been with me.”

“I never volunteer information, but I never really had any reason to lie.”

“But most men do,” she said, pulling him to her bare breasts and holding him close. “Any woman should be pleased to know such honesty from the men in their lives.”

“They say they do, but the fact is they can’t always handle the real truth.” The sadness of this notion fell over him again as he moved to rest his head on her shoulder with a sigh.

“I’m not like all women, Kenny, and you should know that by now. I know everything I think I deserve to know.”

“Is that going to be enough?”

“When you know you are ready for this to be more, you will have no need to ask that question.”

“So, do you want to try this again,” he asked somewhat slyly, feeling her words and touch breathe new life into his rising desire as he pressed himself firmly between her legs.

“What do you think,” she asked with a smile as the pulse of his erection pressed deeper into her. Then it was her turn to sigh as he rose from the floor, grabbing both her legs on the way before pressing himself firmly on top of her. In the moment, he still wasn’t sure if he was excited because of her words and actions or if he felt a sudden need to prove himself. Either way, once they started again, this time it was definitely going all the way…

*   *   *

  Hours later, Camilla Vargas was freshly showered with a towel wrapped around her, hair blown dry, and was reapplying her make-up in the bathroom vanity just outside her bedroom. She didn’t have to look into the room to see her lover was still face-down and fast asleep. “Thank God he doesn’t snore,” she thought smiling to herself for the accomplishment she had made.

Shortly after, wearing a simple baby blue cotton housedress and slippers, Camilla was standing in her kitchen pouring herself a cup of hot chamomile tea. After blowing on the steaming brew and taking a sip, she sat at the small dining table to quietly contemplate her next move. For the sake of reflection, she couldn’t help to be more curious, as well as fascinated, by the handsome young man in her bed and the plan she set in motion to win him…

Still in the bedroom, Kenny awoke with an alarming start. For a moment, he was a little disoriented about where he was. After a minute to compose himself, he rolled to the side of the bed, clutching the soft white bed sheet to his exposed genitals before planting his feet firmly on the floor. It was the chimes of a cell phone ringing that had roused him from his slumber. It wasn’t his phone, he knew, because his was still on the nightstand next to where he sat. Camilla’s phone, he thought with a grateful sigh as he quietly listened to her soft speaking voice from the distance of the other room. As he listened, he was thinking that he could probably use a quick shower, but on second thought, he decided it would better if he waited until he got himself home. Without further hesitation, he dressed quickly, ran his hands across his head, grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys, and stepped out into the living room with a seriously satisfied gaze sliding across his face.

“Hey there handsome,” Camilla whispered and smiled with her hand over the phone receiver. “Would you like some hot tea?”

“No thank you, princess,” he said kindly before kissing her on the cheek. “I’ve gotta run.” He casually glanced at his watch for effect.

“Is there anything you need before you go?”

“No, no, I’m fine.” He smiled again and brushed his hand softly across her cheek. “You should finish your call. I’ll get back with you soon.” He was already heading for the door when she got up from the table to follow.

“Do I get a kiss goodbye?” She wasn’t really pushing it, but he thought it was an appropriate question to ask. So without any delay, Kenny took Camilla up in his arms and wrapped himself so completely around her that she almost seemed to giggle. He started by kissing her forehead, and then her cheeks, and finally when his lips came to rest on her mouth it seemed there was no end to the passion that was continuing to ignite between them. By the time he released her, Kenny found himself smiling again. Not just because he had totally enjoyed her, but also because at some point during the kiss she had literally dropped her phone. Once he was out the door and she had turned the locks in place, he let out a tiny laugh as he listened to her breathless reconnection to the person she had been speaking with. He didn’t feel too comfortable at the idea of snooping on her or even being caught doing such a thing, so after a moment he forced himself away from the door. He didn’t really have to hear what she was going to say next, he thought, because what he did hear was enough to make his day.

“Oh my goodness,” she had said almost breathless and excited at the same time, “Mister up and coming future bank executive es muy caliente`.”

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